Viewable in Brisbane, New Cat Luxury Sleeper Is Now Ready for Delivery – Built for Power and Performance, CAT CT630LS Also Delivers Driver Comfort

Brisbane, Queensland, 16 May 2013 – It’s here – and it’s set to turn heads. The newest member of the Cat Trucks family, the Cat CT630LS luxury sleeper, has created much anticipation since its unveiling at the Melbourne Truck Show in March 2012. Even before production models entered the market, customer orders for the vehicle built into a double-digit backlog.

Now, at the Brisbane Truck Show 2013, the Cat CT630LS is in the country – and ready for action.

“Given the significant customer interest we’re receiving in the CT630LS, we’re anticipating a large number of visitors on the stand to see this truck for themselves and experience its roomy and luxurious cabin,” said Bill Fulton, Cat Trucks managing director for Australia and New Zealand. “We’ll have two CT630LS trucks on the stand to ensure we accommodate strong customer interest and display a variety of the features and options this truck has to offer.”

Practical Advantages Include Industry-Leading Aerodynamics

There are many practical reasons for customers to be excited by the Cat CT630LS. Its powerful engine, the tried and true Caterpillar C15, delivers tremendous power and performance, while not requiring EGR or SCR.

“The CT630 and CT630LS are the only trucks available in Australia featuring market-leading emissions technology that does not require SCR or EGR,” Fulton said. “We believe this will be a strong point of differentiation for these Cat Trucks and will offer a unique element of convenience for truck drivers and fleets.”

This vehicle is equipped with either the Eaton 18-speed manual transmission or the UltraShift PLUS transmission, with both variants being on display in Brisbane.

In addition, the patented sloped hood of the CT630LS gives it the same aerodynamic styling as its siblings, the Cat CT610 and Cat CT630. Its factory-fit stand up sleeper cab perfectly matches the aerodynamics of the rest of the cab, providing improved air flow, better fuel economy and class-leading visibility.

In addition, Cat Trucks are currently the only trucks in the Australian heavy duty market to offer LED headlamps. The new headlamps, which come standard with the CT630LS, provide customers with increased nighttime visibility, improved driver comfort and reduced fatigue, along with leading-edge safety.

The vehicle has a GCM rating of up to 90,000 kg for maximum versatility.

Truck Offers Ergonomic Design and Comfort

In addition to these practical advantages, the interior of the cabin contains many features that deliver outstanding ergonomics and driver comfort.

The integrated sleeper cab of the CT630LS is stabilized with a four-point cab mounting system, including rear air suspension that enables a smoother ride in the sleeper section for two-up operations. Meanwhile, its heavy-dutyPrimaax EX suspension provides added driveability and comfort.

Other driver-friendly features include:

  • Substantial storage space, with multiple access points that are located both inside and outside the cab.
  • A high roof line, so that a typical driver does not need to crouch in order to access the sleeper section.
  • A slide-away Waeco refrigerator that permits convenient access.
  • A dual air conditioning system with independent controls that allow separate temperature zones for the driver and bunk areas.
  • An insulated, thermal noise reduction curtain between the driver and sleeper compartments.
  • An oversize mattress for class-leading comfort.
  • Premium leather Gramag driver and passenger seats, with integrated seat belts for added comfort.
“The truck’s combination of practicality and driver comfort makes it an all-round performer – ideal for long haul applications in Australia,” Fulton said. “We’re excited that we can now begin putting the CT630 LS in the hands of our customers, as we believe this product will deliver squarely on the Cat value proposition.”
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