For dedicated livestock operator Ian Einsiedel, the list of ‘likes’ for a pair of Cat® CT630LS models is long and lavish, ranging from the potent performance and exceptional fuel efficiency of the tireless Cat® C15 engine, to precise road handling and the comfort and space of the well-equipped LS sleeper.

However, when it comes to defining the single attribute which stands at the top of the list, a thoughtful Ian Einsiedel cites the level of service provided by the Clayton (Vic) branch of Cat Trucks dealer William Adams. “It’s outstanding,” he says with absolute certainty. “There’s no other word for it.”



Industry Livestock carrier

In Business 16 years

Truck CT630LS

Based on a neat rural property with partner Leonie Hunter on the outskirts of Sale in Victoria’s Gippsland region, Ian is founder and managing director of Transedel, a company established in 1999 with the firm aim of providing premium standards of service and reliability in cattle transport.

Transedel today operates four B-double sets and two truck and dog combinations, with the two Cat CT630LS models being the latest additions in a transport career which goes back many years before the foundation of Transedel.

In fact, sitting at the family kitchen table flicking through a couple of carefully maintained photo albums, Ian acknowledges that he has owned and operated enough trucks to acquire plenty of appreciation for the factors that determine the difference between the good, the bad and the, well, downright dreadful.

“I started driving trucks, legally, when I was 18 but I’d been playing around with them for a fair while before that,” he says with a shrewd grin. “There have been some good ones along the way, but a couple of shockers as well.

“Most of that time has been spent hauling livestock, mainly with American brands,” he continues, “but as for the new trucks I’ve bought over the years, the two Cats are numbers 25 and 26.”

Now “52 years young”, an adamant Ian insists the key to getting the best out of any equipment is good service. “Good trucks are made better by good service but poor service is something that can quickly turn even the best equipment into a bad memory.”

Transedel’s two Cats were delivered mid-way through 2014 and with each now approaching the 200,000 km mark, there’s no hesitation in his estimation of the trucks to date. “There have been a few minor hiccups but any issues have been dealt with promptly and professionally,” he remarks.

“The trucks are serviced under a fixed price agreement with William Adams and as far as I’m concerned, it’s something we can’t go past. It’s brilliant, and there are no hidden issues with warranty or whatever. They have quality people working on the trucks and honestly, it’s all good news.

“In some ways we’re just a relatively small, boutique company but we’re treated the way we should be, as professionals. Our drivers certainly aren’t treated as just numbers and if they want something looked at on the trucks, it’s done without hesitation.”

Likewise, customer service also rates high in the Transedel operation. “We have a core of long-term customers and we look after them. Reliability and being on time are everything, and that’s what we also get from William Adams. It’s the type of service that helps us deliver the standard of service our customers have come to expect.

“We have good customers, good trucks with good drivers, and we have a good service provider in William Adams. Those things are the keys to everything and when they all come together, it’s hard to go wrong.”

On the factors that drove the decision to buy new Cat trucks when there’s so much choice in a highly competitive market, a forthright Ian Einsiedel says Cat’s C15 engine has been the preferred power source at Transedel from day one and was a significant contributor to the purchase of two highly optioned CT630LS models.

“If I had to say exactly why we bought the Cats it’d be the reliability and efficiency of the C15 along with the service we’ve had for many years from William Adams,” he explained.

Yet even Ian admits to being pleasantly surprised at the fuel efficiency of the Cats running through Eaton 18-speed overdrive transmissions into Meritor diffs mounted on Hendrickson Primaax air suspension. Acknowledging that there’s nothing fuel-friendly about livestock crates and with gross weights under volume loading up to 68 tonnes, he concedes to being entirely satisfied with fuel figures consistently averaging 1.5 km/litre.

“Fuel consumption’s certainly a big improvement over other engine brands we’ve run since starting this business. In fact, measured over two trucks over a year, it’s a huge saving,” Ian confirms, adding that with the C15’s unique dual diesel particulate filters providing emissions compliance, there’s no additional cost of AdBlue.

“In cost and convenience, the absence of AdBlue is a definite advantage,” he attests.

The Cats are driven by Paul Ryan based near Sale and Robert Walshe operating from the Wagga region of NSW, with both units regularly running throughout Victoria, South Australia, NSW and Queensland.

On performance and road manners of the Cats, Paul says there’s plenty to like, not least the tenacity of the C15 and ride and handling of the trucks on a wide variety of road surfaces. Likewise, he rates the spaciousness and features of the LS sleeper as major benefits on long trips of a week or more.

“These trucks have exceeded all expectations, particularly on the bottom line,” says a resolute Ian Einsiedel.

“So if you were to ask me if I would buy the same again, the answer would definitely be ‘yes’, based entirely on the cost-effectiveness and reliability the Cats have given us,” he concludes.

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