Respect is a two-way street

It’s no secret that truck drivers drop the odd expletive during discussions on a UHF radio. Some of the conversations are, in fact, downright diabolical and do nothing to soothe public opinion of an industry already viewed by many as little more than a rabble of dangerous, drug-taking individuals with little regard for other road users.

Nor is it surprising that the targets of some of this ugly diatribe are enforcement authorities, notably police.

Of course, relationships between truck drivers and police have long been fractious and given ongoing heavy-handed crackdowns on vehicle standards, fatigue laws, drugs and so on, it’s a relationship unlikely to improve anytime soon.

Foul and abusive radio talk directed at police and enforcement authorities certainly won’t do anything to improve the situation. But nor will the rudeness, surly and demeaning attitudes of police and other enforcement officers give truck drivers any encouragement to change their language or dispositions.

It is becoming all too common for drivers – including those with exceptional driving records – to nowadays report that they’re made to feel like criminals at the first approach of police, with rarely a ‘g’day driver’ or ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ accompanying the request for ‘logbook and licence.’

They’re small courtesies that in the big scheme of things will go a long way towards appeasing an historically unsteady and apparently worsening relationship.

A little respect goes a long way and whether they’re truck drivers or police, it’s the individual who makes the difference.

Source: Leading independent industry journalist.

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