Nice one, Noelene

The Australian Trucking Association’s election of Noelene Watson as its new chairperson is already showing signs of being an extremely good move.

She obviously has big shoes to fill in replacing the highly popular and extremely effective David Simon but when it comes to appreciating and understanding the diverse factors that make this industry tick, Noelene Watson certainly won’t be found wanting.

For starters, since the tragic death of her husband in 1994, she has dedicated herself to building Don Watson Transport into a leading refrigerated logistics company, today operating a fleet of more than 70 linehaul trucks, an array of more than 100 trailers in B-double and single configurations, as well as a mix of rigid trucks for local deliveries. The company has depots in Melbourne, Wodonga, Sydney and Brisbane, and cold stores in Wodonga and Sydney.

But perhaps the most notable feature of her appointment is an initial statement declaring a goal to work for greater appreciation and better health of truck drivers.

“I want to promote better health and wellbeing for our drivers in the transport industry, and especially the support services available to our drivers. Our drivers are away from home for so much time that they don’t have access to all the services that should be made available to them,” she said.

“I’d also like to see drivers treated in a professional manner. This is a big issue for our drivers on the road. They quite often aren’t treated professionally, and it then reflects back on our own businesses, and it’s left to operators to deal with this.”

It’s not often an industry leader puts drivers ahead of more commercial or industrial interests but in her first comments from the chair of the Australian Trucking Association, Noelene Watson has shown a true and genuine appreciation for the men and women who are the public face of Australia’s road transport industry.

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Source: Leading independent industry journalist.

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