New Cat CT630 Has a Secret Weapon: The Caterpillar C15 Engine – Australian Testing Confirms the Truck’s Good Fuel Economy, Strong Performance

Brisbane, Queensland, 16 May 2013 – When visitors to the Brisbane Truck Show take a look at the next-generation Cat CT630, they see a beautiful, versatile vehicle that is suitable for multiple on-highway applications.

But unless they look under the bonnet, they won’t be fully aware of one of the truck’s leading distinctions: its classic Caterpillar C15 engine, which impresses with its unique combination of power, simplicity and durability.

“We’re very pleased to be able to offer the Cat CT630 with the Caterpillar C15 engine, a tried and true engine that delivers tremendous power and performance,” said Bill Fulton, Cat Trucks managing director for Australia and New Zealand.

“Because it features the C15 engine with simple emissions aftertreatment, the CT630 is the only heavy duty truck available in Australia that does not require SCR or EGR,” Fulton said. “This is a significant differentiator for our product, which provides our customers with a simple, reliable and durable power solution that they know and understand.”

Truck Delivers, with Performance and Versatility

The Caterpillar C15 engine uses a dual catalytic diesel particulate filter (DPF) muffler system, designed to meet stringent Australian emissions requirements. Compared with most competitive single-DPF systems, the C15’s dual DPFs provide reduced exhaust backpressure that provides improved performance and fuel economy.

The Cat CT630 has been tested in a wide array of operating conditions in the Australian market, and has shown great driveability and versatility. The vehicle’s heavy duty specifications makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from tipper and dog trailer combinations for earthmoving and construction through to highway prime mover, B-double and road train.

“The CT630 has undergone local testing in various applications, from single trailer to B-double work in an intensive environment, and has consistently impressed users with its strong performance, reliability and good fuel economy,” said Adrian Wright, lead engineer for Cat Trucks Australia.

The Cat C15 engine in the CT630 delivers 550 horsepower at 1800 rpm and 1850 lb-ft of torque at 1200 rpm. The engine’s flat torque curve enables torque from 1000 to 1500 rpm, resulting in excellent driveability and low down lugging performance.

The 6-cylinder, in-line, turbocharged and after cooled C15 engine also features a direct-injection fuel system and an over and under cooling system that is equipped with an air-operated, two-speed Horton DriveMaster fan, providing consistent cooling, improved fuel economy and improved durability.

The engine’s dual DPF system also uses passive regeneration, meaning that it is self-cleaning under normal operating conditions and does not require additional systems to clean soot from the filter.  As with all DPF systems, some periodic maintenance is required.

New CT630 Features Many Enhancements

Fulton also cited the many enhancements of the new CT630 beyond the previous model. One major innovation is that Cat Trucks are currently the only trucks in the Australian heavy duty market to offer LED headlamps. The new headlamps provide customers with increased nighttime visibility, improved driver comfort and reduced fatigue, along with leading-edge safety.

Some of the Cat CT630’s other key features are:

  • Its sloped hood and aerodynamic design, which contribute to its improved fuel economy and class-leading visibility.
  • Its four-channel anti-lock braking system, which combines a full-vehicle wheel control system with automatic traction control.
  • Electrically adjustable heated mirrors, which include a separate spotter mirror on each side.
  • Gramag driver and passenger seats for added comfort.
  • Tilt and telescopic steering for added comfort and drive stability
  • Suspension options that include HAS or Primaax EX rear suspensions.
  • GCM rating of up to 90,000 kg.

In addition to the day cab model, the Cat CT630 is also available in a 26-inch extended cab with under-bunk storage that is ideal for long hauls.

“Thanks to these enhancements and the continued power of the C15 engine, we believe the new Cat CT630 takes an already strong heavy duty vehicle and makes it even better,” Fulton said. “We look forward to giving visitors to the Brisbane Truck Show the opportunity to see it close up.”
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