New Cat CT13 Engine Makes the New CT610 Even More Fuel Efficient – New Truck Is on Display at Brisbane Truck Show

Brisbane, Queensland, 16 May 2013 – In-market tests confirm that the new Cat CT610 on-road vehicle is not only powerful and versatile, but also up to 10 percent more fuel efficient than the previous model.

That’s a key message about increased customer value from Cat Trucks, which is displaying two models of the Cat CT610 at the Brisbane Truck Show from 16 to 19 May. The vehicle, available in both day cab and extended cab models, is part of the full range of new on-road Cat Trucks that are being displayed at the show for the first time.

“The heart of the new and improved CT610 is its new Cat CT13 engine, and the engineering team for Cat Trucks in Australia has been more than impressed with the truck’s responsiveness and fuel efficiency,” Adrian Wright, lead engineer for Cat Trucks Australia, stated. “Our local tests show that in both reduced fuel consumption and low engine operating temperatures, the Cat CT610 has delivered beyond expectations.”

The Cat CT610’s specialized dual circuit cooling system includes aluminium down flow radiators and an intermediate stage charge air cooler. The cooling system is more than up to the task for Australian conditions and the requirements of today’s emissions control technology.

The advanced cooled EGR engine has six cylinders, is dual sequential turbocharged and after cooled, and provides 475 hp at 1700 rpm and 1700 lb-ft torque at 1000 rpm. Its lightweight CGI (compacted graphite iron) engine block offers improved payload opportunity, and, in conjunction with its high-pressure common-rail fuel injector system, decreases cab noise for the driver by up to 30 percent versus its predecessor. And thanks to the exceptional torque and pulling power at low rpms, overall driveability of the vehicle has also improved.

“This new Cat CT610 is a lot more truck than the previous model,” said Bill Fulton, Cat Trucks managing director for Australia and New Zealand. “Largely due to its new Cat CT13 engine, it combines increased pulling power at low rpms with lighter weight and substantially improved fuel efficiency. Along with the many other upgrades to the new CT610, we are very pleased to be able to offer significantly increased value to our CT610 customers.”

As evidence, Fulton pointed to the CT610’s many enhanced features:

  • The truck’s LED headlamps provide better nighttime visibility, whilst reducing driver fatigue.
  • Its sloped hood and aerodynamic design contribute to its improved fuel economy and class-leading visibility, as do its electrically adjustable heated mirrors, which include a separate spotter mirror on each side.
  • Its four-channel anti-lock braking system combines a full-vehicle wheel control system with automatic traction control.
  • Options available include alternative front and rear suspensions, axle ratio configurations, and Eaton Roadranger or UltraShift transmissions.

In addition to the day cab model, the Cat CT610 is also available in a 26-inch extended cab with under-bunk storage, which is ideal for long hauls. The vehicle carries a 48-month, 800,000 km warranty as standard.

“We’re excited about the magnitude of new product improvements and additional features that we have to show customers at the Brisbane Truck Show this year,” Fulton said. “Our customers will see firsthand that we are listening to their feedback and incorporating the product improvements that they value most. The all-new Cat CT610 is already setting new standards for fuel efficiency, as well as power, reliability, safety and driver comfort versus its predecessor. We’ve also made a point to demonstrate our product’s versatility by showing a wide range of applications for which this truck is suited, from interstate and intrastate freight to civil construction, earthmoving and excavation.”

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