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by Robert Barry

Cat Trucks has launched a dedicated Facebook site targeting owners, drivers, industry specialists and fans of the heavy truck brand.

Cat Trucks says its Facebook page is a source of valuable facts for industry professionals as well as an educational resource for the families and friends of truck operators.

Among the information available on the page will be details on all Cat Trucks products including the new short-bonneted CT630S model and the flagship CT630LS along with upcoming new models.

The Facebook site will also develop into a photographic library as contributors join Cat Trucks by showing trucks working in diverse roles around the country.

Discussions of news and events critical to the road transport industry will be a significant feature of the site, providing a platform for ‘Question & Answer’ sessions on industry developments as well as specific items concerning Cat trucks.

In the future online videos will walk viewers through the many features that contribute to the making of every Cat truck.

Among the discussion topics generating through the forum will be those pertaining to safety and work issues including the latest legislative requirements.

Cat Trucks says the site will also provide a platform for staying in touch with family and friends.

Promotions and give-aways will also be channelled through the site while entertainment and sport will offer distractions from the daily grind.

“A great deal of thought and planning went into the design of our Facebook page,” said Cat Trucks marketing and communications manager Glen Sharman.

“Apart from the attributes of Facebook as a communication medium, we wanted to provide a site with more interesting and useful information than most run-of-the-mill productions, and we’re confident we have achieved exactly that.”

Source: DIESELtalk

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