First Cat® Luxury Sleeper Proves Its Road Train Power on Australian Highway

Cat CT630LS Combines Durability, Luxury and Fuel Economy

August 2012 – The Cat® CT630LS luxury sleeper, first revealed at the Melbourne Truck Show in March, is now proving its mettle on Australian highways.

“We’re pleased to confirm that the CT630LS performance characteristics are proving well suited to the needs of the Australian market,” said Bill Fulton, Managing Director for Cat trucks in Australia & New Zealand. “The Australian trucking media have been given the opportunity to see for themselves during extensive drives conducted in Central Australia commencing from mid-July through to early August.”

During that timeframe, the CT630LS will cover the 3,200-km circuit from Adelaide to Alice Springs and back, hauling double road-train trailers.

Extensive in-market testing of the CT630LS shows that this truck is more than capable of meeting the demands of road train operations, hauling gross combined weight near 80 tonnes. The CT630LS delivers strong performance, with fuel economy that surpasses the competition due to both its aerodynamic design and the efficiency of its powerful Cat C15 engine, which meets the latest ADR 80/03 emission standards.

Fulton confirmed that the company has received extensive enquiries from truck operators since the time of the International Truck and Trailer Equipment Show, in Melbourne earlier this year. “These operators like the Cat package, and are keen to know how quickly they can get one,” Fulton said. “There’s solid interest in the vehicle’s combination of power, fuel economy, reliability and durability, as well as the many luxury features that make it liveable for drivers away for days on end.”

Production of the CT630LS is planned for late 2012, however customers are able to start ordering and the correct specification they require for their business now.

Sleeper Cabin Is Spacious and Durable

The CT630LS has a fully integrated 56″ sleeper cabin, engineered by Navistar. Reflecting the structural integrity of factory engineering, it is designed to go the distance for the life of the vehicle. Cab strength is compliant with ECE R-29, and a unitized strut type cab suspension provides improved stability and comfort.

The sleeper cabin also offers design elements and features that maximise driver comfort:

  • With a high roof that is 4,024 mm high with roof aero, and 3,760 mm high without roof aero, the cabin offers plenty of space for drivers to stand up between the seats, get dressed and take advantage of the bunk area. In fact, all areas of the cabin can be accessed standing up, with 6 ft 9 in clearance in the sleeper section.
  • There is a deluxe large inner spring mattress (2040 mm x 900 mm) for quality sleeping and reduced driver fatigue. An insulated thermal and noise level reduction curtain fitted between sleeper and drive compartment comes standard.
  • There is also ample room for a refrigerator and for in-cabin storage of overnight goods.
  • The CT630LS has extensive storage capacity through both internal and external access, with external storage boxes that allow goods and tools to be accessed from outside the cabin.
  • A Berstrom Blend Air, Dual-system air conditioning unit provides independent temperature controls for both the driver and sleeper areas.
  • Side vent windows with fly screens and shades are standard for the CT630LS model.

Proven, Powerful Engine Meets Latest Emissions Standards

Like other Cat trucks, the CT630LS represents the only brand of truck on the market featuring the world-renowned Cat C15 engine in an updated ADR 80/03 version that is compliant with the current engine emissions for Australia. The C15 in the new ADR 80/03 version remains as durable and reliable as ever and continues to be rated at up to 550 horsepower and 1,850 lb/ft torque.

Dual horizontal DPFs eliminate the need for EGR or SCR for emissions compliance, and provide the capacity to comply with ADR 80/03 through passive regeneration, so that unlike some of Caterpillar’s competitors, no active regeneration or afterburning is required to burn away excessive particulate matter. This means a simple and reliable after-treatment system for customers, without some of the complexities of competitive engines.

The CT630LS’s integrated, aerodynamic cab design also contributes to the vehicle’s superior fuel efficiency, which remains essentially the same as that of its predecessor. Customers can also depend on the proven durability of the Cat C15 engine, with a B50 life of 1.6 million km with Caterpillar’s recommended maintenance.

The Latest in New and Updated Features

The CT630LS comes equipped with the latest highly durable and functional technology for maximum driveability, performance and handling that is geared to Australia’s demanding highway conditions. New features that are standard on the vehicle include:

  • Meritor RT46-160 rear axles fitted with electronic auto traction control. A differential lock is standard on the RR axle, as are steel hubs, while alloy hubs, differential cross locks on forward/rear axle and lube pump with bypass are available as options.
  • An Eaton RTLO20918B manual transmission comes standard, with an option to install Eaton UltraShift Plus Transmission.
  • LED headlights, which are standard, provide improved vision and longer life, and are automatically switched on in conjunction with the windscreen wipers.
  • Two-leaf parabolic front spring suspension, with 6,500 kg capacity, comes standard, as does a Hendrickson Primaax EX air suspension on the rear. Three-leaf parabolic springs are available as an option.
  • Aerodynamic chrome mirrors come standard with electric operation and a heating function.

The CT630LS will be offered in a 5550mm and 5700mm wheelbase.

With an antilock braking system including a trailer ABS socket, and Gross Combination Mass (GCM) of 90,000 kg, the CT630LS is well equipped for long-distance driving across Australia, including double road train and newly introduced b-triple applications.

Unsurpassed Warranty and Service

The CT630LS is sold with a standard four-year, 800,000 km driveline coverage. It is also backed by the power of the vast Cat Australia dealer network, which includes locations throughout Australia, making the CT630LS a viable option for interstate applications that rely on dependability and aftersales service that only Caterpillar can provide.

“Our dealers are very excited about the next stage of the Cat product lifecycle,” Fulton said. “We believe customers will be pleased with our dealers’ commitment to full servicing and on-highway support, which builds on dealers’ long-standing tradition of excellent service for the Cat engine.”
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