First Cat® Luxury Sleeper Introduced at the Melbourne Truck Show

Melbourne – 15 March 2012 – Caterpillar® in Australia is adding to its lineup of line haul on-highway trucks with its first luxury sleeper, the Cat® CT630LS, revealed at the Melbourne Truck Show. The CT630LS will commence in market testing immediately with production planned for late 2012.

“This luxury sleeper represents a new product line and an exciting new option for Cat truck customers, particularly those engaged in interstate transport,” said Jeff Tyzack, General Manager of Sales & Marketing for Cat trucks in Australia & New Zealand.

“Drivers can now drive across country in one stylish, luxury vehicle, secure in the knowledge that they will be fully looked after and supported by the Cat dealer network.” Tyzack added.

The CT630LS is also a very practical choice for long distance transport operations. Like other Cat trucks, it represents the only brand of truck on the market featuring the world-renowned Cat engine.

The powerful Cat C15 engine provides up to 550 horsepower and 1,850 lb/ft torque, and is offered in an ADR 80/03-compliant option, which uses dual horizontal DPFs to eliminate the need for EGR or SCR for emissions compliance. As a result, fuel efficiency remains essentially the same as in the ADR 80/02 compliant option. The vehicle comes with a standard four-year, 800,000 km driveline coverage.

Sleeper Is Stylish, Spacious, and Aerodynamic

With a 56″ sleeper cabin and BBC measurement of 168″ (4,267 mm), the CT630LS offers a spacious cabin, enabling the driver to access all areas standing up. There is a large mattress (2040 mm x 900 mm) for comfortable sleeping and resting. Split-system reverse cycle air conditioning units offer separate temperature controls for both the driver and sleeper areas.

Cab strength is compliant with ECE R-29, and a unitized strut type cab suspension provides improved stability and comfort. Maximum storage capacity is provided through both internal and external access. Side vent windows with fly screens are standard for the CT630LS model.

Notwithstanding its spacious dimensions, the CT630LS is a highly aerodynamic high-rise sleeper, 4,024 mm high with roof aero and 3,760 mm high without roof aero. Its integrated, aerodynamic cab design provides line haul and road train customers with improved fuel efficiency. A robust chassis frame measures 260mm x 92mm x 9.5mm, with an insert over the tandem axle and an upper frame tie for the high-rise sleeper.

The CT630LS has a fully integrated and factory engineered sleeper cabin. The cabin not only offers the structural integrity of factory engineering, it also eliminates the potential need to purchase a day cab and upgrade.

New and Updated Features Provide Enhanced Functionality

The CT630LS comes equipped with the latest highly durable and functional technology. New features include:

  • Updated Meritor RT46-160 rear axles fitted with traction control. A differential lock is standard on the RR axle, as are alloy hubs, while differential locks on both axles are offered as an option.
  • An Eaton RTLO20918B manual transmission comes standard, with an optional Eaton UltraShift Plus Transmission.
  • LED headlights, which are standard, provide improved vision and longer life.
  • Parabolic front spring suspension, with 6,500 kg capacity, comes standard, as does a Hendrickson Primaax (PAX460) air suspension on the rear.
  • Aerodynamic chrome mirrors come standard with electric operation and a heating function.

With fuel capacity of 1,510 litres, an antilock braking system that includes a trailer ABS socket, and Gross Combination Mass (GCM) of 90,000 kg, the CT630LS is well equipped for cross-country driving.

The CT630LS has benefited from extensive driver experience gained locally in Australia which has enabled Cat trucks to provide customers with a durable product that has been well proven.

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