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Family-Run Carrier Adds Two New Cat Trucks, One after the Other

Clackline Haulage owners Ashley and Minnie Hall purchased their first Cat truck, a Cat® CT610 extended cab, when it was launched on the Australian market last December. Just five months later, they are now taking delivery of its larger sibling, the Cat® CT630 prime mover.

Ashley and his wife Minnie own Clackline Haulage, a carrier based in Clackline, Western Australia. The family-run business started 20 years ago while Ashley was a driver making the East to West runs. He saw a need in the market for making trailer runs between Northam and Perth. Today, the firm owns seven prime movers, with the Cat® CT610 and more recently, CT630 being the latest additions to their operations.

Loyal Cat and WesTrac customers since 2003, Ashley and Mini have had 12 Cat truck engines for their trucks over the years, ranging from the early mechanical engines to the latest electronic technology. And they also have a close working relationship with their local Cat dealer, WesTrac.

“I’ve always liked the Cat engine,” says Ashley. “I get all my trucks serviced by WesTrac, not just my new Cat ones, and I’ve always been very happy with their customer focus and more importantly their truck servicing.”

When the first Cat on-highway trucks became available late in 2010, Ashley and Minnie were eager to be one of the first to own a Cat Truck. They have been using their Cat® CT610 for dog runs between Perth and Northam, and plan to use the Cat® CT630 for longer runs from Perth to Northam, Kalgoorlie, the WA border and South Australia.

Both trucks have been well received by the firm’s drivers. “The Cat® CT610 is the most comfortable ride I’ve had,” says Barry Braithway, one of the drivers for Clackline Haulage. “When it’s in the high range gears, it really steps out. I cruise past other trucks on the road, and when I talk to the drivers later, they don’t believe me when I say it’s only a 470 horsepower under the hood.”

Fuel economy, quiet running engine and comfort are just a few of the reasons that customers are impressed with the performance of the latest Cat family members. Combine that with WesTrac’s 24-hour service options and extensive branch network, and customers like Ashley and Minnie are certainly sitting up and taking notice of the new trucks.

Also enjoying her first ride on the passenger’s seat in the new Cat® CT630 is Candy, Ashley’s three-year-old mini fox terrier, who never leaves Ashley’s side! Ashley and Candy are a familiar sight to other truckies on the West Australian roads, and now they’ll be travelling in their newest Cat.

The Cat® CT630 is powered by the 550-hp Cat® C15 engine. With a BBC measurement of 3.10 metres, it is suitable for B-double on-highway road train applications and is available in both 72-tonne and 90-tonne options. A lightweight truck, the Cat® CT630 starts at 7873 kg, combining power with fuel efficiency and aerodynamics.

Its sibling, the Cat® CT610, is powered by the 470-hp Cat® C13 engine. With a bumper to back-of-cab (BBC) measurement of 2.72 metres, it is targeted to 19-metre applications and has a capacity of up to 57 tonnes. Its tare weight starts at a very light 7587 kg, making it ideal for weight-critical applications.

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