Cat’s wide entry just the start

In the second instalment in our series on safety, we take a look at the American Cat Trucks brand.

Big Rigs recently had a chance to drive one of these trucks and took the opportunity to learn more about what Cat is doing to improve safety.

We loved the wide entry steps and three-point entry grab handles.

While American models don’t have all the bells and whistles of European trucks, they are definitely rolling out important safety improvements.

Falls from trucks continue to be a major issue so the wide steps and handles give you better balance to enter and exit the truck.

A major advantage of Cat Trucks, which we noticed when we drove the CT630SC was the great forward visibility.

The windshield and sloped hood provide unparalleled visibility for a bonneted truck – for safer driving and manoeuvring.

Models with optional Ultrashift+ have intelligent hill start aid to prevent roll-back while taking off on hills.

The Ultrashift+ will also automatically shift the transmission into neutral, even if a driver forgets, once the park brake is applied. Cat Trucks also come with ABS and traction control. This helps the driver bring the vehicle to a controlled and stable stop, reducing the chance of over-braking by creating a pulsing action when the brakes are about to lock up.

Front under-run protection has been added to prevent passenger cars from becoming wedged under the truck’s front to reduce the risk of serious injuries.

In the event of a crash, all Cat Trucks cabs have been tested to stringent ECE R29 strength requirements. LED lights are fast becoming the industry standard for better night vision and Cat Trucks offer LED headlamps.

The headlights display truer colour tones and bring out details at the far edges of the road, which reduces eye strain and driver fatigue.

DRL (day time running lights) have been designed to increase visibility of the truck in daylight hours.

An integrated seatbelts/ suspension seat finish the picture.

The lap-sash belt provides the safest seatbelt combination and ensures the sash-shoulder rubbing problem is largely eliminated. Combined with suspension, this enables drivers to remain in their seats and better control the truck.

Source: Page 10, Big Rigs Free Fortnightly, October 24, 2014
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