Dunns Earthmoving

NEIL DUNN – DUNNS EARTHMOVING – Director After two years working in Australia’s roughest desert conditions, Cat Trucks are redefining the meaning of versatility. The CT630LS model Cat Trucks never … Read More

Dunns Earthmoving

NEIL DUNN – DUNNS EARTHMOVING DIRECTOR North, far beyond the postcard shades and ragged folds of South Australia’s Flinders Ranges, there exists a harsher world, an ageless, remote world of … Read More


IAN EINSIEDEL – TRANSEDEL FOUNDER AND MANAGING DIRECTOR For dedicated livestock operator Ian Einsiedel, the list of ‘likes’ for a pair of Cat® CT630LS models is long and lavish, ranging … Read More

Noske Logistics

TONY NOSKE – FLEET OWNER “Early figures are showing a fifteen percent reduction in fuel consumption with the Cats,” he affirms. “That’s not just a substantial saving, it’s huge!” RON … Read More

Hervey Bay Earthmovers

DALE GROVES – HERVEY BAY EARTHMOVERS “… the decision to buy Cat trucks has been one of the best things I’ve ever done because it has given us the base … Read More

Goldstar Transport

SEAN CARREN – GOLDSTAR TRANSPORT “It was opportune for Cat to launch at that time because we’d gone to the market asking for proposals for new equipment. We wanted a … Read More

AMS Mining Transportation Services

ASHLEY DANN – AMS MINING TRANSPORTATION COMPANY PRINCIPAL “We had a few other brands in mind but the standard of Cat’s show stand and the professional response of the people … Read More

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