Croft Transport

WAYNE & GARY CROFT – Croft Transport Owners An Adelaide company runs a successful business running 20 Cat Trucks specialising in lifting freight that most transport companies are not interested … Read More

Wynnum Haulage

PAUL ‘BUDDH’ BAILEY – WYNNUM HAULAGE Owner A quartet of Cat Trucks leads a successful container haulage operation into the daily battle of getting freight to its destination, scores of … Read More

Noske Logistics

TONY NOSKE – FLEET OWNER “Early figures are showing a fifteen percent reduction in fuel consumption with the Cats,” he affirms. “That’s not just a substantial saving, it’s huge!” RON … Read More


MICK GODDARD – COMPANY PRINCIPAL OF MHK (WA) “We knew they’d do the job, but we didn’t know they’d do it quite this good, especially on fuel.” “So looking at … Read More

Goldstar Transport

SEAN CARREN – GOLDSTAR TRANSPORT “It was opportune for Cat to launch at that time because we’d gone to the market asking for proposals for new equipment. We wanted a … Read More

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