Nicoletti Group

JOHN NICOLETTI – Principal Cat Trucks biggest prime mover, the heavy duty CT630HD, has been chosen to spearhead a large grain operation in Western Australia. As the western harvesting season begins, the 130 tonne road train spec Cat Truck is hauling large payloads of bulk grain in the Nicoletti Group of Company’s operations, mostly centred in the heart of the WA wheat belt. FLEET PROFILE … Read More

Dunns Earthmoving

NEIL DUNN – DUNNS EARTHMOVING – Director After two years working in Australia’s roughest desert conditions, Cat Trucks are redefining the meaning of versatility. The CT630LS model Cat Trucks never see a sealed road and are often in a different applications day after day, from construction support, to heavy machinery float work, to livestock haulage. The four Cat Trucks work in the fleet of Dunn’s … Read More

Croft Transport

WAYNE & GARY CROFT – Croft Transport Owners An Adelaide company runs a successful business running 20 Cat Trucks specialising in lifting freight that most transport companies are not interested in. Croft Transport, based in Adelaide’s industrial heart, found a niche in hauling one-off lifts and ‘you-call-we-carry’ type work. “We are essentially a taxi truck company,” says Gary Croft. FLEET PROFILE Industry Taxi Truck Transport … Read More

Mid Western Cargo and Northern Transport Hire

GEOFF BANNERMAN Owner A show-groomed gold painted Cat® Truck CT630SC is the flagship of a Brisbane-based transport company and owner Geoff Bannerman is over the moon. Geoff heads up Mid Western Cargo and Northern Transport Hire, contract tow operators and truck-trailer hire service providers. FLEET PROFILE Industry Cargo Transport In Business 16 years Trucks CT630SC The purchase of the CT630SC with its length-sensitive but luxurious … Read More

Wynnum Haulage

PAUL ‘BUDDH’ BAILEY – WYNNUM HAULAGE Owner A quartet of Cat Trucks leads a successful container haulage operation into the daily battle of getting freight to its destination, scores of times each day. Over the past two years, Wynnum Haulage has invested in the Cat Trucks, one at a time as each predecessor proved itself. FLEET PROFILE Industry Freight Transport In Business 2 years Trucks … Read More

Macquarie Valley Transport

KEVIN MUNRO – MACQUARIE VALLEY TRANSPORT Owner Of the many things that impress regional NSW truck operator Kevin Munro about his Cat® CT630 model, it’s actually the monthly fuel bill which impresses most. Not because he enjoys paying fuel bills but simply because the bills are so much better than before. FLEET PROFILE Industry Transport In Business 20 years Truck CT630 “From the day the … Read More

Millennium Metals

BOB BRERETON – MILLENIUM METALS Owner He’s polite and quick with a smile but Bob Brereton doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to likes and dislikes in matters of the mechanical kind. “Whatever the equipment is, it either does the job well or it doesn’t, and I’m just not interested in anything that promises one thing and delivers something less,” says the sharp-minded founder … Read More

South West Haulage

GREG SMEATHERS – SOUTH WEST HAULAGE OWNER In a proud family-owned business where reputations evolve on the ability to endure the tests of time and toil among the hardwood forests of Western Australia’s south-west, Cat® trucks have emerged as the modern-day truck of choice. Based at Manjimup, 300 km south of Perth, South West Haulage is a timber harvesting and haulage company which has been … Read More

Dunns Earthmoving

NEIL DUNN – DUNNS EARTHMOVING DIRECTOR North, far beyond the postcard shades and ragged folds of South Australia’s Flinders Ranges, there exists a harsher world, an ageless, remote world of dust and dunes, of sharp winter cold and ferocious summer heat. A world of extremes, extreme people almost as much as place. It’s summer on the Strzelecki. The infamous track first blazed almost 150 years … Read More


IAN EINSIEDEL – TRANSEDEL FOUNDER AND MANAGING DIRECTOR For dedicated livestock operator Ian Einsiedel, the list of ‘likes’ for a pair of Cat® CT630LS models is long and lavish, ranging from the potent performance and exceptional fuel efficiency of the tireless Cat® C15 engine, to precise road handling and the comfort and space of the well-equipped LS sleeper. However, when it comes to defining the … Read More

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