On the Soapbox

When two worlds confide

Anyone who’s ever had commercial dealings with Ron Finemore knows he is no pushover. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Likewise, the Transport Workers’ Union has a history which … Read More

Food for Thought

The Pacific Highway in NSW has been a death trap for decades. Fortunately, things are changing and the coast road between Sydney and Brisbane is today better than ever before, … Read More

Government accreditation a dismal failure

It’s not the first time, but a recent call by the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) for the winding down of the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) remains entirely appropriate. … Read More

Time for a good ‘brake’

Advocating a ‘fair go’ for the trucking industry can be an onerous and decidedly demoralising task at times, not least when heartbreaking tragedy is shown to have been inflicted by … Read More

Eight Minutes of Grace

It might not seem like much, and it certainly appears to be the thin edge of the wedge in a regulatory push to ultimately make written work diaries obsolete, but … Read More

TWU ‘crashes’ Coles

On one hand it’s easy to applaud statements by Transport Workers Union (TWU) national secretary Tony Sheldon calling on MPs to fight Federal Government plans to shut down the Road … Read More

Take a Powernap … but where!

Sooner or later, everyone gets tired while driving. A car, a truck. It doesn’t matter really. We all know the symptoms, and we all know the disastrous ramifications of ignoring … Read More

Truck sales off to a slow start

Truck sales in the first quarter of 2014 have been slow according to Australia’s Truck Industry Council (TIC). The good news, however, is that March figures were particularly strong, reversing … Read More

Nice one, Noelene

The Australian Trucking Association’s election of Noelene Watson as its new chairperson is already showing signs of being an extremely good move. She obviously has big shoes to fill in … Read More

Fuel for Thought

Anyone thinking market forces and technology have pushed the fuel efficiency of modern heavy-duty trucks as far as it can go, had better start thinking again. No less a power … Read More

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