Cat® Trucks Builds Momentum in Australia

New Dealer Investments Underscore Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

July 2012 – Eighteen months after introducing the world’s first Cat® on-highway truck products, Cat Trucks are building strong momentum in the Australian marketplace and developing a solid reputation for reliable, fuel-efficient trucks that deliver strong customer value.

Sales of its first two on-road models, the CT610 and CT630, have exceeded expectations, leading to steady market share growth and repeat customer purchases. Meanwhile, Caterpillar’s Australian dealer network continues to demonstrate its commitment to the truck business, with dealers making significant multi-million-dollar investments in their whole-of-truck capabilities and in truck service centres and sales outlets across Australia.

“We’re very excited by the steady progress we and our dealers continue to make as we grow our presence in the Australian heavy-duty truck market,” said Bill Fulton, Managing Director for Cat trucks in Australia & New Zealand. “We continue to apply great focus on developing our in-country capabilities in every aspect of the business, and applying our increasing knowledge base and experience to better serve our Australian truck customers. Some good examples of this are the growth of our Australian Product Development team, which allows us to lead all product programs locally; the launch of our All Truck parts business; and the development of our Truck Specialty Centre in Tullamarine, which enables us to perform a wide array of truck specialty fit-up.”

Fulton also cited the continued investment made by Cat dealers (WesTrac NSW, William Adams, Hastings Deering, Cavpower and WesTrac WA), which underscores their strong commitment to developing Cat Truck Centres nationally to ensure the best geographic coverage and consistently high quality bumper-to-bumper truck support for customers.

Following are just a few examples of Cat dealers’ continued investments in Cat Truck sales and service facilities:

  • WesTrac NSW has invested $7.5 million in a state-of-the-art dedicated truck branch at its new campus in Tomago, New South Wales. The branch will include a 16-bay truck workshop, and is due to be completed later this month (July 2012).
  • William Adams has invested $3.8 million in a state-of-the-art dedicated truck branch and S-O-SSM Services lab at its campus in Clayton, Victoria. The branch will include an 11-bay workshop and is scheduled for completion in early 2013.
  • Hastings Deering has invested $2 million in a truck centre in Toowoomba, Queensland, which is due for completion in September 2012.

“New Zealand is another important business segment for Cat Trucks, and since launching the CT630 Cat Truck in Auckland earlier this year, Goughs, our Cat Trucks dealer in New Zealand, have been busy promoting the product throughout the country and are establishing themselves as a serious contender in the heavy duty market,” Fulton added.

High Levels of Customer Acceptance for New On-Highway Trucks

Australian customers have demonstrated strong acceptance for the CatCT610 regional haul truck and the CatCT630 long haul truck. Customers are consistently providing positive feedback that Cat Trucks are reliable; have best-in-fleet fuel economy; have good visibility and drivability; and offer the legendary pulling power of the Cat C13 and C15 engines that can only be specified in Cat Trucks.

This enthusiastic customer response is reflected in positive sales trends, repeat customer purchases and a steady market share growth within the heavy duty segment.

According to Fulton, the most important feedback is customers’ validation that the support they are receiving from Cat Trucks and Cat dealers is getting the job done and helping them succeed in their business.

“Two years ago, we made a decision to enter the Australian market in a very focused way, with only two models, the CT610 and CT630,” Fulton said.

“By limiting our initial model range, we’ve been able to focus our efforts on targeted customer and application segments. This deliberate strategy is really paying off for us now, as we and our dealers have been laser focused on helping our customers succeed in these applications. We’re also using the knowledge we’ve gained to drive continued product improvements, additional features and options and a truly ‘Australia-centric’ product strategy that we will be delivering over the next couple years.”

Fulton also noted that Cat Trucks will soon be starting an exciting new chapter with the addition of the new CT630LS late this year, the CT630S early next year and model upgrades for the CT610 and CT630, equipped with the legendary Cat C15 and CT13 engines, all backed by the Cat Dealer network, spanning across all parts of Australia and New Zealand.

“Cat Truck Engines have been a force in the Australian truck market for decades,” Fulton said. “We built a solid reputation and strong relationships with our customers by providing the best possible products and parts and service support. Our aim is to bring the same level of product, parts and service excellence to our customers in the whole-of-truck business.”

“In short,” Fulton concluded, “we could not be more pleased with the progress we have made and the momentum we have gained over the last 18 months in the Australian truck market, and we could not be more excited about our plans for the future of Cat Trucks in Australia. As always, we are grateful to our customers for the opportunity to continue to earn their business, and for helping us better understand how we can meet their needs every day. We very much look forward to growing our business and the number of customers we can serve.”

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