Cat keen on two shows only

Perth and Brisbane are major focus

Strengthening their commitment to the Perth Truck Show, Cat Trucks have announced that it will be their only other truck show apart from Brisbane.

In a statement recently Cat Trucks said they were planning on a more “diverse” approach and the ITTES or Melbourne Truck Show would not be a part of the “vision for 2014”.

Instead, Cat Trucks will focus on the release of the CT630S.

“The Brisbane Truck Show sets the pace for the industry, and we were extremely pleased to be part of an event that broke previous records and where we were able to unveil our full 2013 product range,” Cat Trucks managing director for Australia and New Zealand Bill Fulton said.

“We will be back in Brisbane in 2015 and we will be excited to showcase an interactive display that will feature new additions to Cat Truck model line-up.”

Kevin Dennis, Cat Trucks general manager of sales and marketing Australia and New Zealand, said he did not think other manufacturers would follow their lead.

“It’s a smart decision and one we haven’t taken lightly,” he said. Successful at the 2013 Brisbane Truck Show, Cat Trucks picked up two prestigious awards including the hotly-contested Outstanding Truck Manufacturers Display, and are also planning on making a bang at the Perth Truck Show.

“We are excited of the progression and professionalism of this show in such a short timeframe – it continues to evolve year on year – and that’s what we like to see and why the truck industry appreciators continue to come back, have a look, bring their kids and enjoy the event,” Mr Denis said.

Cat Trucks plans to shift marketing resources into a broad range of more focused marketing initiatives, including a major launch for the CT630S, scheduled to occur in the first part of 2014.

“This decision to not partake in the 2014 Melbourne Truck Show will allow Cat to shift the focus onto a wide array of marketing initiatives, including launching the CT630S.”

The Cat CT630S is a light tare weight vehicle, one of the lightest in its class. It is also one of the shortest conventional cab trucks in the market to use a 15-litre engine. Its shorter bonnet enables the Cat CT630S to operate comfortably in B-double / 34-pallet operations, with superb visibility and dynamic handling.

The aerodynamics of its integrated cab also provides line haul consumers with improved fuel efficiency, making the CT630S ideal for fleets and interstate trucking.

Like other Cats the CT630S will be the only on the market featuring the world-renowned Cat engine delivering up to 550 horsepower and 1,850 lb/ft torque.

Source: Page 56. Big Rigs, Friday, July 19, 2013

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