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Cat dealer truck centres

For maximum life and performance from your On-Highway Cat Truck your local Cat dealer truck centre can provide you access to genuine OEM products. Whether you are rebuilding your Cat engine, replacing brake shoes or changing out air bags on the suspension, “Out from under the Hood”, our Cat dealer truck centres aim to provide you with a one stop shop for bumper to bumper parts & service.
CAT Oil Filter

CAT Batteries

Cat Premium High Output (PHO) Batteries Cat batteries are standard equipment in all Cat trucks and are clearly differentiated from the competition. Caterpillar has designed its own batteries to meet the demanding environments Cat trucks work in. Cat Battery Advantages:
  • Highest cold cranking amps (CCA) in the industry
  • Longest amp-hour capacities
  • 100 hour vibration test (5-times the Industry Standard)
  • Best deep discharge re-charge cycle
  • SAE J2185 life cycle
  • Available in Maintenance Free and Low Maintenance designs

CAT Oil Filters

Improved Filtration for a Cleaner Engine Cat Advanced High Efficiency Engine Oil Filters increase contamination control performance providing for a much cleaner running engine lubrication system. Maintaining system cleanliness is an important part of reducing operating costs. Cat Filters are designed for Cat Engines and component systems and provide the highest levels of cleanliness and performance. This protection reduces wear and maximizes component life. Cat Filter Benefits:
  • Consistent Quality
  • Reliable Protection
  • Long Life

CAT Diesel Engine Oil

Specially designed to maximize component life and performance. Cat Oil is specially developed to maximize component life by resisting oxidation, preventing buildup, and maintaining proper viscosity. Each type of oil undergoes extensive testing processes to demonstrate its ability to deliver extended drain intervals when used with the Cat S•O•SSM Services Oil Analysis Program which is undertaken by your Cat dealer truck centre. Cat® Oil Benefits:
  • Consistent high performance oils formulated for the needs of Cat machines and engines
  • Superior wear protection
  • A complete line of Oils for every application and environment
CAT Battery
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