Cat® CT630 Proves Itself in the Harsh Western Australia Conditions

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Oil, Gas & Mining Transport Company Bonnie Rock Is a Strong Believer in Cat and convinced Cat Trucks are as good as any.

Melbourne, Australia – 27 January 2012 – The new Cat® CT630 with a Cat® C15 engine has already proven its toughness under the harshest conditions imaginable-in the Western Australian Pilbarra region.

That’s the assessment of Ron Currie, who is operation manager of Bonnie Rock Transport (BRT), and a long-time believer in Cat engines.

The core competency of BRT, which was founded by Ron’s father Jim in 1994, lies in transporting heavy mining and oil drilling and exploration equipment that supports onshore and offshore drilling. And Ron has always been impressed with the power of Cat engines in other truck builders’ vehicles.

Not to mention the Cat engines that are used in his customers’ drilling rigs-or the Cat gen sets that BRT uses in building their mining camps. In fact, BRT had actually stockpiled extra Cat C15 engines in its warehouse for future use.

A Cat Truck Powered by a Cat Engine

So when he learned that Cat trucks was offering its first-ever on-road vehicles- including the new Cat CT 630, which is spec’d for hauling 90-plus tonnes-Ron was excited by the value proposition of a Cat truck powered by a Cat engine, as well as the many ways in which such a vehicle could be used.

“Originally we thought the Cat CT630 would be useful for local transport, such as delivering containers within the Perth metro area,” Ron says.

“But after we ordered the truck, we were faced with a new requirement in a regional depot at Dampier, 1,600 kilometres north of Perth.”

BRT’s Dampier depot copes with some of the most extreme conditions to be found within Australia, including servicing remote locations where ambient temperatures can exceed 50 degrees Centigrade.

Adding to the burden on BRT’s fleet at Dampier are the special demands placed on the transport equipment in supporting remote oil, gas and mining sites. In accessing these locations, the equipment is subjected to low road speeds and heavy pulling.

After receiving the new Cat CT630 in August last year, Ron immediately put it to the test, transporting drilling equipment to a location out in the Great Sandy Desert. Five months later working within the harsh environment of the Pilbara region; “No issues at all,” Ron reports.

“It’s a good, versatile vehicle,” Ron continues. “It’s equally at home delivering one trailer to a port or multiple trailers to a remote site in the Australian desert.

“This has opened up new opportunities for our fleet. And the feedback from drivers has been exceptional.”

Backed by the Power of Cat

All in all, ordering the Cat CT630 was what Ron considers a “no-brainer.” And what made it so was not just the Cat engine and the Cat vehicle, but the Cat brand itself.

“We knew this new truck represented a new venture between Navistar and Cat,” Ron says. “And we figured there might be some teething problems. But we didn’t ask for a demo truck. We didn’t need one. Whatever happened, we knew our Cat dealer would be there to back it up.”

Ron’s confidence is largely based on his extensive experience with the team from WesTrac Truck Centres, one of the world’s most trusted equipment dealers and a key part of the Cat trucks network in Australia.

WesTrac has truck centre dealerships throughout Western Australia, largely where BRT operates and with a footprint that extends well beyond the capital cities into major rural transport hubs, after sales service for BRT is a necessity for where the company services its campsites for mining customers.

Ron remembers years ago when a vehicle with an older Cat engine experienced difficulties in a remote part of Western Australia, days from any major town, and even further afield from a truck service centre.

“A WesTrac servicer came along 10 minutes after we experienced a problem,” Ron says. “We hadn’t even reported it yet.

“They are just that active in the Western Australia region. Their coverage and their service are second to none.”

Ron cites the relationship he’s built over the years with the team he calls “the people behind the Cat brand.” That includes everyone from his main points of contact at WesTrac, including field service fleet, the mechanics, parts and service personnel who help keep BRT’s fleet moving.

“If you’ve got confidence in people, then you’ve got confidence in the product,” Ron says. “It’s a privilege for us to be involved with people like that.”

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