Cat® CT13 Engine Will Be Available in Cat Trucks in Australia in 2012

Proven Engine Is Designed to Address Australian Customers’ Needs Sydney, Australia – 9 December 2011 – As Cat® Truck customers in Australia consider their 2012 purchases, they will be able to count on the proven, reliable power of Cat engines in a compact 13 litre format.

“The Cat® CT13 will be available in 2012 Cat Trucks products to be launched in Australia next year,” said Bill Fulton, Cat Trucks Australia managing director.

The Cat CT13 has already been proven in Cat’s North American lineup of vocational trucks, including the Cat® CT660 vocational vehicle.

“The Cat CT13 engine is designed specifically to yield optimum horsepower/torque combinations that are critical in the Australian market, whilst optimising fuel consumption” Fulton said. “It also provides customers with the flexibility to match power and performance to specific applications and operating conditions.”

Cat CT13 is a Powerful, Fuel-Efficient Engine

The CT13 continues the great tradition of Cat® power, Fulton notes. With displacement of 12.5 litres, it provides peak horsepower at 475 hp and peak torque of 1700 Lb-ft – performance ratings that are comparable to many 15-litre engines.

“In fact, the Cat CT13’s peak torque is achieved at 1,000 rpm – just over idle,” Fulton said. “And it sustains at higher rpm, for a more responsive off-the-line driving experience. By providing peak torque at lower rpm, the Cat CT13 engine will enable Cat trucks’ customers to conserve on fuel.”

The CT13 engine combines an advanced exhaust-gas-recirculation system with a high-pressure common-rail fuel system, precision intake-air management system and electronic controls to provide an optimum blend of high performance, low emissions and superior fuel economy.

The combination of dual, sequential turbochargers and a precise fuel injection system allows the Cat CT13 to develop peak torque at lower speeds, a characteristic that reduces shifting and also allows for shifting at significantly lower speeds.

Another reason the CT13 is so fuel efficient is the fact that its cylinder block is made of compacted graphite iron, making it both stronger and lighter than engines made from gray iron. Compared with gray iron, CGI iron is 40 percent stiffer and offers 75 percent higher tensile strength and 200 percent greater fatigue resistance.

The CGI engine block, designed to deliver unprecedented durability, also reduces weight by as much as 226kg compared with conventional all-iron designs. This reduced engine weight enables users to increase payloads for added efficiency and profit.

The engine’s advanced, ribbed CGI block and high-pressure, multi-shot injection system also combine to produce 30 percent lower noise inside vehicles’ cabs, together with much lower vibration. Both of these factors significantly improve driver comfort.

Engine Has Proven Durability and Reliability

CGI iron also offers customers in the line haul business significant advantages in durability and reliability.

In fact, the Cat CT13 engine overall has been engineered to a B-50 rating of more than 1.9 million km. Its main bearings and connecting rod bearings are fractured metal technology, which not only assures precise fit and positive alignment, but also keeps lubrication consistent for the life of the engine.

The CT13 also features a “dry” cylinder deck, which prevents coolant and oil from mixing via head gasket leak paths.

Cat CT13 Avoids the Need for a NOx Aftertreatment System

Fulton also pointed to the significant benefits Cat Truck customers will receive from the engine’s avoidance of the need for a NOx aftertreatment system.

“For prime movers, the new standard should be not just fuel economy, but fluid economy – diesel fuel plus liquid urea consumed,” Fulton said.

“This is in addition to the benefits Cat truck owners will achieve by avoiding the hassle of maintaining aftertreatment systems, of needing to have drivers fill up with liquid urea, or of retraining their technicians.” Fulton added

Engine Also Offers Easy Maintenance

The Cat CT13 is also designed for fast routine service, providing easy access to systems and components, ranging from the valve cover to filters. A single ECM and fewer electrical connections throughout enable less diagnostic and maintenance time.

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