Cat® CT13 Engine Is On Track for Delivery in Cat Trucks in Australia in 2012

Melbourne – 15 March 2012 – Cat® truck customers in Australia are getting their first look at the Cat CT13 engine, which is on track for delivery in Cat heavy-duty on-highway vehicles in Australia in 2012. The engine was on display for inspection at the Melbourne Truck Show from March 15th through 17th.

“The Cat CT13, which represents the next generation of Cat engines, will be available in an ADR 80-03 format in the Cat CT610” said Bill Fulton, managing director for Cat trucks in Australia and New Zealand. “The engine is backed by the standard Cat engine warranty, as well as the full power of the nation-wide Cat dealer network.”

The Cat CT13 has already been proven in Caterpillar’s North American lineup of vocational trucks, including the Cat CT660 vocational truck. The engine features an advanced EGR system optimised to meet the Australian ADR 80-03 emissions requirements, while delivering excellent fuel economy to customers.

Cat CT13 is a Powerful, Fuel-Efficient Engine

The new ADR 80/03 CT13 engine for the Cat CT610 is an in-line 6-cylinder engine with dual sequential turbos, intercooler and after cooler. It is engineered to deliver peak power and performance, handling the toughest tasks in the Australian environment. It is also designed for unprecedented reliability, durability and years of service, along with lower operating costs.

“The Cat CT13 delivers the proven, reliable power of Cat engines in a compact 12.4-litre format,” Fulton said. “It is designed specifically to yield optimum horsepower/torque combinations that are critical in the Australian market, while optimising fuel consumption.”

The Cat CT13 provides up to 475 hp, with peak torque of 1700 Lb-ft, comparable to many 15-litre engines. In fact, the Cat CT13’s peak torque is achieved at 1,000 rpm – just over idle. By providing peak torque at lower rpm, the Cat CT13 engine enables Cat trucks’ customers to conserve on fuel.

The Advantages of CGI

The CGI engine block, designed to deliver unprecedented durability, reduces weight by as much as 226kg compared with conventional grey iron designs. This reduced engine weight enables Cat Truck customers to increase payloads for added efficiency and profit.

The engine’s advanced, ribbed CGI block and high-pressure, multi-shot injection system also combine to produce 30 percent lower noise inside vehicles’ cabs, together with much lower vibration. Both of these factors significantly improve driver comfort inside the CT610.

Key Technology Advances Deliver Enhanced Power with Reduced Emissions

Proprietary technologies enabling the CT13’s combination of power, fuel economy and low emissions include:

  • Advanced fuel injection technology. The CT13’s next-generation fuel injection systems are capable of delivering fuel into the cylinder multiple times per cycle and at higher pressures. Injection pressures of 2,200 bar (approximately 32,000 psi) permit precise fuel dosing, injection timing and optimal combustion. Utilization of post-injections, along with the main injection event, means that combustion can take place over a longer period and be more complete, resulting in reduced NOx emissions and better fuel efficiency.
  • Proprietary combustion bowl design. The redesigned combustion bowl combines with the higher fuel injection pressure to break the fuel up into a finer mist spread more evenly inside the cylinder, resulting in a more complete and cleaner burn. This means more power to the wheels and less soot out the exhaust.
  • Advanced air management. Turbo matching and advanced EGR cooling provide improved combustion. The result is a controlled reduction of NOx and particulate matter formation.
  • Electronic calibration strategies. Engine controllers previously utilized pre-programmed look-up tables to determine the fuel-air mixture to burn. Now, however, increases in computing power allow the engine controller to continuously calculate the optimum fuel-air mix to achieve maximum power and efficiency in many different operating conditions.

Advanced EGR Means No Hassle

Cat CT610 customers will receive significant benefit from the CT13’s avoidance of the need for a NOx aftertreatment system.

Advanced EGR means “no hassle” for a number of important reasons:

  • No need for diesel exhaust fluid, which translates to lower operating costs, as well as increased payload due to lighter weight.
  • In-cylinder combustion also means the assurance of emissions compliance now and, with no gaps in NOx reduction and no need for driver intervention.

Easy Maintenance Is Standard

The Cat CT13 in conjunction with the CT610 is also designed for fast routine service, providing easy access to systems and components, ranging from the valve cover to filters. A single ECM and fewer electrical connections throughout enable less diagnostic and maintenance time.

“Field testing in Australia for the CT610 installed with the CT13 engine will commence in June this year”, Fulton said, with the Cat CT610 available to market for delivery later in the year.

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