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Clever Cat® Truck Tares In

The first Cat truck delivered in Queensland’s has taken to the roads in tipper and dog configuration for well-known haulage company, Brims Group.

Taking delivery of the new Cat CT610 in early March, Brims Group director, Wayne Brims said it was the Cat engine that proved the main attraction.

“It’s the Caterpillar engines,” he said. “Everything here is Caterpillar and when Cat stopped supplying engines to other brands we thought we’d try one of the Cat trucks next.

“We’ve been using Cat engines for years now and we love them. We’ve got that many of them we know them inside out and know all the tricks – once you get one engine and master it, you know exactly what they can do and when they can do it – you know everything.”

Brims Group was established nearly 20 years ago by Wayne’s father Ross Brims and has developed to support a major fleet running about 50 trucks throughout South East Queensland and Northern NSW. The company has diversified interests in road transport, sand quarries, hardware outlets and a truss company, “enough to entertain us everyday,” as Wayne describes it.

The new Cat delivers a tare advantage with Brims able to register it to carry 57 tonne GCM on the combination’s 16.5 tonne tare – delivering a payload in excess of 40 tonne under Performance Based Standard (PBS) rules – a load Wayne describes as “brilliant!”.

“We’ve got access to the PBS allowance because of the truck configuration and because most of our quarries are also on the allowed b-double routes – and this tipper will actually carry more weight than our 19 metre b-double on the fleet,” Wayne said.

“It’s got a lighter tare and is cheaper to register and with a normal GCM of 50 tonne this is a really handy bonus for us.”

As well as being familiar with the Cat engine’s performance, Brims is very comfortable with the Cat C13 fuel economy that he believes will stack up well over its expected million kilometre lifespan.

The company’s familiarity with the engine also transfers to the service department where mechanics have a well-versed relationship with the requirements of one of road transport industry’s most dependable power plants.

“We do our own service, our own rebuilds, everything,” Wayne Brims explained. “We’ve got a major workshop with five staff in it, which is what you need when we’ve got 50 odd trucks in all sorts of configurations.”

The Cat’s drive train is also comfort food for Brims’ mechanics. Featuring industry standard running gear such as Meritor rear axles, Eaton Fuller 18 speed transmission and Hendrickson suspension, the outfit is configured and built to deliver the durability and performance Cat equipment users have known for decades.

While Brims Group will be doing all service itself, they have taken advantage of an extended warranty package and are further reassured knowing the Cat dealer network can deliver the ultimate parts and service support whenever and wherever needed.

“We normally keep trucks for about 10 years – we don’t really know how long this will last but we’re confident it will go the distance, it’s a Cat after all” Wayne Brims said.

“We’ll really know after 12 or 18 months how good this truck will be,” he said.

Having just taken delivery Wayne Brims had just one thing on his mind. “We can’t wait to get rego plates on it and fill it up full of gravel,” he said. “If this Cat is a good thing we might buy more.”

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