Big loads equal big problems for national regulator

The much anticipated National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) may have only been in operation since February 10 but already it has come under considerable pressure from the industry it was created to help.

Amid accusations it is taking on the role of a policy-maker rather than a problem-solver, the NHVR has been slammed for the time it takes to issue road access permits for over-dimensional, over-mass loads such as large pieces of mining equipment. According to the Australian Trucking Association (ATA), of the 2050 permit applications submitted to February 18, only 258 were issued as the NHVR struggled to process the permits.

It’s already so bad that Queensland, Victorian and NSW governments have taken back responsibility for issuing over-size, over-mass permits, as well as sending staff to NHVR headquarters in Brisbane to ease the backlog.

While the ATA says it will continue to support the national regulator despite “serious initial problems”, chief executive Stuart St Clair urges the NHVR “… to focus on doing its core functions right.”

Too right!

Otherwise, instead of being a provider of industry support, it’ll become just another puppet of government.

Source: Leading independent industry journalist.

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