Early Success for New Triples-Rated CT630HD

Little more than a month after its bold debut at the Brisbane Truck Show, the new triples-rated CT630HD model from Cat® Trucks has spearheaded a hugely successful 2015 Perth Truck and Trailer Show for West Australian Cat dealer WesTrac.

“We knew there would be plenty of interest in the CT630HD but the level of enquiry for the full range of Cat trucks was beyond our best expectations,” said an emphatic Peter Calligaro, WesTrac Cat Trucks Business Unit Manager.

“There were two HDs on our stand and both were sold even before the show doors opened.”

Holding pride of place on the WesTrac stand was the first CT630HD sold in Australia, bought by Sean Carren, founder and managing director of high profile Perth-based transport company Goldstar Transport.

WesTrac and several of its major customers including Sean Carren were strong advocates for the CT630HD and played significant roles in development of Cat’s new roadtrain specialist which carries a gross combination mass (GCM) rating up to 131 tonnes.

Meantime, WesTrac’s second CT630HD show truck was snapped up just minutes before the Perth show was declared open.

Goldstar CT630HD

“I took a call from John Nicoletti, the head of Newmont Corporation,” explained a buoyant Peter Calligaro. “He’d briefly seen the truck the day before and in no uncertain terms told me he wanted that truck and not to sell it to anyone else.”

Based at Merredin, around 260 km east of Perth, Newmont Corporation is a major multi-faceted agricultural enterprise with vast interests in grain and livestock.

“Newmont has diverse transport needs which obviously include roadtrain triples, so John Nicoletti’s decision to purchase a CT630HD off the stand is certainly a strong endorsement for the features of the model,” Peter Calligaro commented.

Cat’s tireless C15 engine is definitely one of the biggest benefits in the eyes of many operators, he adds. The driving force of all CT630 models, the trusted C15 is the only heavy-duty truck engine in Australia which does not require the burdensome cost and complexity of an EGR or SCR emissions control system.

Also on WesTrac’s stand in Perth was a CT630SC, the purpose-designed model which continues to forge new business for Cat Trucks across Australia in B-double and B-triple applications.

“That’s what made this year’s Perth show such a good event for WesTrac and Cat Trucks,” Peter continued. “The West Australian trucking industry covers a massive range of roles, from local trucks to east-west linehaul and of course, the double and triple roadtrain sector.

“Now we have trucks for all those applications and while the CT630HD is an extremely important new model, there was no shortage of interest in the entire range from a broad cross-section of operators, including some who had travelled a very long way to see the trucks.

“It was a great show for WesTrac and probably more to the point, a great show for Cat Trucks because we now have all bases covered with purpose-built models,” Peter Calligaro concluded.

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