A Bigger Cat® Prepares to Pounce


Following a spectacular award-winning presentation at the Brisbane Truck Show two years ago, it won’t surprise if Cat® Trucks delivers a repeat performance at this year’s show on the back of a major product announcement.

There are now strong indications Cat Trucks distributor Navistar Auspac will use the 2015 Brisbane Truck Show between May 14 and 17 to launch the long anticipated Cat CT630HD model.

With a gross combination mass (GCM) rating up to 130 tonnes and an extensive development program emerging in the wake of strong demand from operators of roadtrain triples, the CT630HD will be a bold new addition to the Cat stable.

Cat CT630 models to date have been limited to a GCM of 90 tonnes.

However, the expected arrival of the CT630HD at Brisbane forecasts Cat’s intention to be an active competitor at the top end of the trucking tree.

Technical details are scant at the moment but it’s fair to surmise this new ‘king of the Cats’ will come with a substantially reworked grille design to afford extra cooling airflow around the tireless C15 engine under the sleek hood.

Stay tuned!

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