July 2014

AMS Mining Transportation Services

ASHLEY DANN – AMS MINING TRANSPORTATION COMPANY PRINCIPAL “We had a few other brands in mind but the standard of Cat’s show stand and the professional response of the people … Read More

SRT Logistics

With more than three years and well over 600,000 km now under its belt in ‘round-the-clock B-double work, the first Cat on-highway truck ever sold is continuing to notch exceptional … Read More

Time for a good ‘brake’

Advocating a ‘fair go’ for the trucking industry can be an onerous and decidedly demoralising task at times, not least when heartbreaking tragedy is shown to have been inflicted by … Read More

Eight Minutes of Grace

It might not seem like much, and it certainly appears to be the thin edge of the wedge in a regulatory push to ultimately make written work diaries obsolete, but … Read More

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