April 2014

Moving with the times!

It is possible to maintain a sustainable, long-term timber transport business in southern WA, but it does come at a price. Tim Giles on the issues surrounding timber haulage in … Read More

On the prowl

Cat Trucks are ramping up their model range. The latest being the CT630S. A truck they always wanted to have. The question is, Do you? Cat Trucks is set to … Read More

Introducing the SHORTER CAT

With the introduction of the new CT630S model, and a couple more models later in the year from Cat Trucks, the brand may have found just the right formula for … Read More

Truck sales off to a slow start

Truck sales in the first quarter of 2014 have been slow according to Australia’s Truck Industry Council (TIC). The good news, however, is that March figures were particularly strong, reversing … Read More

Nice one, Noelene

The Australian Trucking Association’s election of Noelene Watson as its new chairperson is already showing signs of being an extremely good move. She obviously has big shoes to fill in … Read More

The newest kid on the block expands its range and shows it remains very serious in its intentions

The introduction of Cat Trucks into the Australian market has certainly not been without its hitches. From an initial intention to build all its stock from imported components at the … Read More


With more than three years and well over 600,000 km now under its belt in ‘round-the-clock B-double work, the first Caton-highwaytruck ever sold is continuing to notch exceptional standards of … Read More

Fuel for Thought

Anyone thinking market forces and technology have pushed the fuel efficiency of modern heavy-duty trucks as far as it can go, had better start thinking again. No less a power … Read More

Respect is a two-way street

It’s no secret that truck drivers drop the odd expletive during discussions on a UHF radio. Some of the conversations are, in fact, downright diabolical and do nothing to soothe … Read More

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